LOGMAN® Logistics Management Solution

AssetSmart's LOGMAN® Logistics Management solution for federal contractors, military and civilian agencies tracks government, company, rented and leased property in a single enterprise commercial web-based software solution. AssetSmart is used by nine of the top twelve largest federal IT contractors to support their FAR/DFARS compliance requirements. The COTS solution offers a single integrated solution for material, logistics, property, test equipment, and maintenance management processes to support complex logistics, warehouse management, manufacturing, and fulfillment operations.

The Asset Management System shares many common processes with LOGMAN. The AM 360® solution for federal contractors tracks GFP, GFE, GFM, CAP, company, rented and leased property in one enterprise web-based software solution. AssetSmart offers a comprehensive suite of integrated asset, equipment, material, mobile, and service and logistics management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, higher education, and government organizations.

Modular Architecture

AssetSmart's architecture is based on mix-and-match application modules which allows the selection of the product modules that best fit the customer's needs. Each module can operate stand alone and when AssetSmart modules are installed together, they automatically operate as a single integrated system. The unique modular architecture enables combining our COTS modules into any configuration required for Material Management, Warehouse Management, Logistics Management, Asset Management, Service Management and Software License Management. Product highlights are listed below, click on the form under Contact Us to request more about our asset management software solution.

AM 360® Product Suite

SMART|TMAS® Materials and Warehouse System provides online interactive tracking of GFP and company materials, expendables, serialized parts, durable tools, and miscellaneous supplies and automatically integrates with LOGMAN® processes. TMAS provides contract tracking and ownership visibility as well as accountability and consumption to the warehouse, stockroom and bin level. AssetSmart offers the technology for government contractors to automate PIEE reporting. The system provides complete lifecycle tracking of receipts, issues, and returns, and scrappage as well as end item tracking. The multi-location capability provides cost-effective cross inventory visibility over distributed inventories; any number of warehouses or stockrooms can be supported around the world. The database partitioning allows for visibility over material at separate business units, or programs. SMART|TMAS supports complete lifecycle visibility from acquisition to disposition as well as order fulfillment functions integrated with EZ-Move to provide seamless logistics deliveries to any site in the world.

SMART|EZ-Order® Logistics Management Request Module automates and integrates the processes of request and fulfillment from contract asset and material management inventories. EZ-Order allows the lookup and tracking of orders by over a dozen attributes. With the addition of SMART|EZ-Order, the global AssetSmart product family supports complete logistics lifecycle management. EZ-Order also supports Purchase Order and Receiving Document Tracking to Automatically report backorder and delivery shortages.

SMART|EZ-Move® Asset Move Order and Shipping module provides a common means of tracking internal movements as well as off-site customer or vendor shipments of individually identified assets or tooling from SMART|PEMS, material or components from SMART|TMAS, or miscellaneous line items such as pallets of scrap, furniture or other items not normally tracked in most asset systems. EZ-Move tracks unlimited-item moves and supports many logistics "agents" in each order, such as internal transportation trucking organizations, or commercial shippers like UPS or FedEx. Planned or in-process moves may be tracked by date, planner, and a user-defined status such as "Request", "Approved", "Complete" etc. SMART|EZ-Move automatically generates and prints a generic ship-traveler form and/or a DD1149 form. Electronic mail notifications of new requests or "workflow" alerts such as special approval requirements can be sent to asset custodians and/or property management personnel. Upon completion of a Move-Ship order, all affected asset records are automatically updated to reflect their new locations. Additionally, these location changes are reflected in the lifecycle audit trail.

SMART|PEMS® Asset and Equipment Management System supports dozens of the world's most complex manufacturing and development facilities across the United States. SMART|PEMS provides tracking and management of both company and customer identified property and meets all Federal Government property requirements. SMART|PEMS features include online accountable history, electronic move/transfer requests, global security, site/global reference tables, external decision tables, software tracking, automatic inventory feature, electronic move transfer transactions, financial and lease data table, automated forms preparation including DD1149, NF1018, and SF1428 forms. The PTT Special Tooling option includes additional required data elements for reporting, tracking and control of manufacturing tooling.

SMART|TRAXX® Mobile Asset Tracking module provides customers with a completely integrated one-stop data collection solution for their lifecycle mobile asset tracking and inventory needs. SMART|TRAXX empowers users to execute nearly any asset transaction, inquiry or report anywhere, on a variety of devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, and other barcode scanners/RFID enabled devices) in real-time. Users can work "disconnected" from a network with the scanned data stored locally. When a connection is re-established, all changes are updated via a bi-directional record sync process. The SMART|TRAXX software is designed to be flexible and hardware independent, allowing the customer to choose their preferred device from industrial scanners to smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS operating systems. SMART|TRAXX allows organizations to extend real-time asset tracking technology into the field creating many new efficiencies and cost savings!

SMART|WORKMAN™ Maintenance Management System supports Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Calibration whether performed in the field, in-lab or by a vendor. Help desk support, request tracking, work order tracking, scheduling, and email notifications are all supported. Complete work history is included including labor hours, labor cost, and material cost. SMART|WORKMAN presents a common tracking and location view to the internal customers. With AssetSmart's automatic inventory feature, each service event (PM, repair, etc.) automatically updates to the asset system with no interface. Under AssetSmart, when asset records are transferred between business units, the entire lifecycle history (including maintenance records) is automatically transferred. When items enter the disposition cycle for redeployment or resale, the maintenance records can be automatically included so as to enhance the sale value of the asset, by attesting to its well-maintained status.

SLAM-CATS™ is a bundled turnkey data and software package providing the customer with a cost-effective way of cleaning up “garbage” data records and converting them to clean, accurate, and standardized nomenclature. It includes:

  • Standard Digital Manufacturer Catalog
  • Standard Digital Noun Catalog
  • Customer Bespoke Digital Model Catalog
  • A set of Web screens providing enhanced search and filtering capabilities for customer assets by Manufacturer, Model Number, and Noun Description in any combination
  • Asset cataloging and data cleanup service for a customer specified asset list, which assigns the correct current manufacturer name and code, standard noun description and a formatted standard model number
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

The SLAM-CATS™ turnkey service is based on complex patented AI algorithms which compare missing, incorrect or incomplete asset data to a large Master Catalog to automate the matching and conversion processes. The AssetSmart catalog staff then completes a high percentage of the remaining records using other specially built tools. SLAM-CATS is ideally suited to standardizing technology asset records including test, measurement, manufacturing, and IT equipment. Studies have long showed that over twenty percent of asset records are typically “hiding” in the database(s) avoiding most searches because of poor quality and lack of standardization. SLAM-CATS services offer a substantial ROI by providing engineering and manufacturing management with enhanced asset visibility and an opportunity to avoid duplicate procurements as assets on completed projects may be deployed to new projects.

SMART|EZ-Dispose® Automated Disposition and Reporting Module offers asset managers the most complete disposition solution available for both company and government property. SMART|EZ-Dispose helps organizations effectively manage the disposition process by tracking surplus schedules through PCARSS or PIEE screening as well as the final physical disposition process. The disposition tracking solution includes automatic generation and submittal of file submittals to the PCARSS or PIEE system. EZ-Dispose significantly reduces employee time spent on plant clearance reporting by automatically generating all mandatory and optional data directly from AssetSmart databases. SMART|EZ-Dispose also tracks disposition activities for company owned assets and material.

SMART|AUID® Automated Unique Identification module streamlines the process of managing assets under the Department of Defense's UID policy. SMART|AUID includes a UID Registry Interface to provide seamless reporting in accordance with DFARS 245.505-14 and 252.211-7007. It automatically connects AssetSmart tables from SMART|PEMS into the IUID Registry and also supports manual inputs or imports from external applications or spreadsheets. A useful productivity tool to help meet IUID compliance for your organizations' government furnished property.

SMART|SLAM™ Software and License Management module provides integrated tracking for all IT software and IT assets linking the physical hardware to the software. For example, the system provides an easy-to-read display of all licensed operating systems and apps installed on each workstation or server. The SMART|SLAM product: (1) captures each software license and connects it to the applicable licensed software version, (2) connects to the applicable host ITAM computers and hardware, (3) displays the applicable vendor, model ID, noun description, department, using employee, status, and installation date. This critical data offers vital discovery, planning, and compliance information for IT professionals.

SMART|SLAM-ITAM™ The IT Asset Tracking product tracks and manages IT assets, including servers, laptops, desktops, workstations, tablets, cellphones, barcode scanner, network hardware, telecom gear, peripherals, components, accessories, software, licenses and networking attributes. When coupled with the SLAM-CATS, it provides visibility over standard approved hardware and software configurations versus actual as-found configurations across the installed infrastructure. SLAM-ITAM can automatically integrate with the work request and work order tracking capabilities of SMART|WORKMAN to provide a comprehensive turnkey ITSM solution for help desk incident tracking, installation requests, and warranty or non-warranty repairs.