Company Overview

The AM360 Advantage

Leveraging forty years of asset management systems experience with its Asset Management 360® (AM360) solution, AssetSmart delivers 360-degree asset portfolio visibility and cross functional process automation in an integrated, enterprise-class application suite. By virtue of its extensive experience with world class clients, AssetSmart leads the pack in best practices in managing technology and computer equipment and software in defense, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, calibration, federal contractor, and federal agencies.

AssetSmart offers a complete suite of applications designed to help organizations support a strategic asset management initiative across the enterprise, maximizing asset utilization and redeployment. Our solutions enable organizations to employ asset planning and optimization processes and implement strategic redeployment methodologies in order to maximize resource and capital investments.

Complete Asset Lifecycle Management Solution

The AssetSmart software and professional services suite is the industry's most technically advanced, functionally comprehensive, and fully integrated lifecycle asset management solution supporting government property (GP) traceability. True Asset Management integrates all dimensions of the asset management process including: (1) seamless lifecycle management, (2) the complete universe of all mission critical asset infrastructure categories, (3) interrelated support functions including calibration, request, trouble-call, preventive maintenance (PM) and repair tracking, maintenance, and service history, and (4) structured cataloging to normalize asset descriptions for improved redeployment, asset utilization, and investment optimization.

Mix and Match Product Modules

AssetSmart's architecture offers a flexible set of product modules as to best fit each client's needs. All modules were built from the start to meet the following key structural requirements: (1) Each module can stand alone, (2) Seamless integration of interrelated functions, (3) Single input propagates updates across multiple modules/tables, (4) Seamless navigation across all modules, (5) Common look and feel, and (6) Common system utilities. When AssetSmart modules are installed together, they operate as a single integrated system with a common reference table data set and common location and movement protocols. This eliminates data redundancy, mismatches and cumbersome interfaces.

Replaces Fragmented Information Silos

Many organizations find themselves disjointed, with no electronic connection between their ERP (Deltek Costpoint, SAP, etc.) and/or financial systems and asset operations. Often business units create their own private tracking system via spreadsheets and desktop databases, ultimately leading to asset information chaos.

Asset Management 360 (AM360) eliminates the use of these hidden asset silos and desktop tracking systems by connecting all physical operations such as engineering, R&D, manufacturing, etc. to the financial system. AssetSmart supplies the direct accountability connection between the user community and the financial records of ERP/Financial Systems, eliminating the need for departmental systems.

Compliant Asset Management System

Whether you are preparing for audit readiness or reacting to a negative DCMA audit resulting in a corrective action request (CAR) or just want to avoid one, AssetSmart can help remedy deficiencies and get your business on a compliant path with our COTS asset management software system. The AssetSmart AM360 software suite is compliant with the property management requirements of FAR parts 45 and 52.245-1, DFARS 245 and 252, and NASA FAR supplements. The software is also compliant with ISO 10012 and 17025.

"Open" User Architecture

It takes asset responsibility down to the individual employee - users have direct access to not only their own records - but can also access powerful built-in queries to help them better manage company, subcontractor, and government assets. The web-based system will track assets anywhere in the world, and is based on Cloud-ready Internet technologies enabling the system to be administered and used anywhere around the globe, including from tablet devices such as the Apple iPad, and iphone or Android smartphones.

Asset Management Experts

AssetSmart has a proven track record of delivering enterprise software and professional services with 95% client retention rate and trusted by 9 of the top 12 federal IT contractors. All core software modules or legacy predecessors have been in continuous production at major organizations for more than twenty years. Feedback from dozens of sophisticated customers plus best-practices recommendations from industry associations including NPMA, NDIA, LOA, and NCSLI have contributed to the steady and continuous stream of product improvements over the years, yielding a powerful and seasoned solution.

Made in the USA

AssetSmart is an American company with headquarters in Westlake Village, California. We are proud to announce that our workforce is US based and we do not offshore the development of our software products or any of our helpdesk operations.

Why buy a silo system?

AM 360® delivers a completely integrated full function asset management system in a single package. It only costs a little more to put all your eggs in one basket...

Now That's SMART!