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AssetSmart Introduces AEM360

The Next Generation of Equipment Management

Organizations can now significantly increase long-term business value and expand competitive advantage by maximizing equipment and resources. AssetSmart has pioneered a comprehensive set of processes, principles and methodologies that comprise the next generation for equipment intensive activities—Advanced Equipment Management 360.

AEM 360 diagramAEM360 offers organizations the software and tools to do more than just track calibration activities:

Equipment Pools and Reservations: By bundling in the ability manage equipment held in “pools” and enable users to reserve the equipment they require for their mission, organizations minimize unnecessary purchases and maximize utilization and redeployment across their enterprise.

Cost Allocation: By tracking and allocating costs associated with equipment usage to the proper department, program or internal initiative, organizations reduce costs and ensure accurate cost accounting.

Pre-acquisition screening: Pre-acquisition screening allows users to check that no similar equipment exists before an organization makes a purchase, reducing unnecessary purchases and maximizing redeployment opportunities.

Planning and Budgeting: By leveraging the intuitive planning and budgeting module, organizations can better manage asset budgeting and allocations while ensuring that the appropriate equipment is  purchased and available as necessary.

Structured Cataloguing: Structured cataloguing translates freeform asset descriptions into standardized manufacturer, model number and description formats—eliminating errors, inconsistencies and confusion while enabling easy, rapid and consistent search capabilities.

AEM Tools Processes PeopleAt the core of Advanced Equipment Management 360 (AEM360) is AssetSmart’s highly evolved SMART family of enterprise management, calibration and maintenance software—a solution which increases the visibility and availability of equipment and  calibration information by integrating all critical metrology data into a single repository. AEM360 integrates recall, scheduling, calibration and redeployment processes, while allowing organizations to more accurately anticipate ongoing equipment maintenance needs, normalize data across the enterprise, allocate costs as necessary, and plan and budget for future purchases.

To learn more about AEM360, the future of equipment management, contact AssetSmart directly at 310.450.2566, fill out our web form for more information, or email

About AssetSmart

Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset, test equipment, and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, and government organizations. Assetsmart is offered by PMS Systems Corporation (CAGE Code 7M804, Veteran-owned Small Business) under GSA Schedule 70 Contract GS-35F-0298V. Assetsmart's headquarters located at 26707 Agoura Road, Suite 201 Calabasas, CA 91302, United States. For more information about assetsmart, please visit:

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