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AssetSmart Announces The Solution to "Crowd Cataloging"

In addition to the traditional four dimensions of Asset Management: Life-Cycle, Organization, Functions, and Categories - - AssetSmart adds the new dimension of Single Point Cataloging. Single point solves the problem of multiple users (the crowd) entering non-standardized descriptions into their asset records. Crowd cataloging is not only wasteful and duplicative, but worse, inhibits the usefulness of the asset database for functional use. A typical example of crowd cataloging was cited in the 2009 GAO Report to Congress:

“GAO found that the lack of guidance on what should be included in the database descriptions of the equipment and facilities led to widely varying descriptions, which meant that reutilization opportunities could be missed. For example, the same type of computer server equipment was described as a ‘disk array’, ‘disk drive unit’, and ‘storage array unit’.“

These discrepancies are often caused when the property entry person lacking a single point catalog, dutifully copies the Purchase Order description which might be “Oscope”, “Oscilloscope”; “Osc”, “Dig Oscilloscope”, into the property record. If there are other systems that reference the same equipment record such as a calibration system, the problem is compounded. Crowd cataloging is still a nagging manifestation of the Garbage-In and Garbage-Out syndrome which has plagued computer users since the dawn of the information age. Where local catalog protocols are available, the chances are the underlying data is still not standardized across multiple business units within the enterprise. With SMART ǀ ENCATS®, the entire corporation may be upgraded to reflect a single set of standard catalog attributes.

How Does Single Point Cataloging Work?

How do I clean up my data? To save the time and effort involved in manually converting unstructured or free line equipment descriptions to single point cataloging, AssetSmart has developed a large pre-built database of standard catalog data for the most popular models and manufacturers of Test, IT, Laboratory and Manufacturing equipment. With this tool, AssetSmart’s powerful matching algorithms can automatically convert a high percentage of a client’s records in a few hours. An additional benefit is that incomplete, erroneous and mis-spelled data are quickly identified for client review and cleanup.

How Do I Maintain the Catalog?

Once the single point catalog is implemented, AssetSmart offers an ongoing real-time service that allows you to request and download new standard equipment catalog data into your own local catalog database. In addition, unique items not requiring single point cataloging may be self-catalogued by the customer using the exclusive ENCATS®“Dual Use Feature”.

Need National Stock Number Data?

SMART ǀ FEDCATS® provides an electronic interface to FEDLOG for National Stock Number and CAGE codes for authorized companies and agencies. With this electronic interface, authorized contractors can automatically populate NSN and CAGE Code into their central catalog and asset records through an electronic gateway.

Do Your Test Engineers Search By Specifications?

There’s more! An additional dimension to single point cataloging provides integrated performance specifications for your IT and test resources. This enables your engineers and asset managers to search your asset portfolio by performance specification interchangeability – not just models. This powerful capability not only speeds up searches for project resources, but improves reutilization by trimming redundant investment, streamlining surplus screening, and better balancing your technology portfolio.

About AssetSmart

Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset, test equipment, and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, and government organizations. Assetsmart is offered by PMS Systems Corporation (CAGE Code 7M804, Veteran-owned Small Business) under GSA Schedule 70 Contract GS-35F-0298V. Assetsmart's headquarters located at 26707 Agoura Road, Suite 201 Calabasas, CA 91302, United States. For more information about assetsmart, please visit:

(800) 755-3968