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How to Turn an Asset Accounting System


Summer 2012

How to Turn An Asset Accounting System...

Into a Lean Mean Utilization Machine!

We call it AM360 – Asset Management 360 – an integrated set of bolt-on tools that fill the gaps between your accounting system and operations systems to provide a true enterprise-wide 360° asset management system.

Step One Install the Catalog.

As an old French saying goes: “A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”. Similarly, an asset accounting system without a data catalog is like a cost accounting system without a chart of accounts. The SMART|ENCATS® Data Catalog adds structure, intelligence and interchangeability functions to support more effective management reporting and utilization of equipment. Instead of just addressing financial objects, your accountability records now become operationally enabled bridging the gap to your company’s operational world. SMART|ENCATS® powerful matching algorithms automatically assign the correct manufacturer code/name, model number, and standard description to each asset record. A bonus dimension – providing integrated performance specifications for your IT and test resources – enables your engineers and asset managers to search your asset portfolio by performance interchangeability – not just models. This powerful capability not only speeds up searches for project resources, but improves utilization by trimming redundant investment, streamlines surplus screening, and balances your technology portfolio.

Step Two Add SMART|AMIIX® Mobile Tracking.

The SMART|AMIIX® Mobile Scanning Solution not only seamlessly automates your inventorying functions, but collects utilization and condition data as well for reporting through the SMART|PEMS® tracking system. Other added value functions include movement tracking, storeroom issues and receipts. With SMART|AMIIX® your asset records become a true mirror image of your asset resource picture in the field. SMART|AMIIX® runs on most Windows® compatible data collection devices.

Step Three Add SMART|PEMS® Dynamic Tracking.

The SMART|PEMS® asset tracking module is an open system enabling your equipment users and “owners” to continue managing assets under their individual responsibilities, while sharing common management data with your accounting and manufacturing systems. Without a tool like SMART|PEMS®, individual business units and departments too often rely on isolated islands of data to track their assets. This practice not only inflates asset management costs, but more importantly frustrates the enterprise visibility needed to efficiently redeploy unused assets from project to project. Study after study has shown that 9 out of 10 successful redeployments come from the operating inventory not the surplus list.

Step Four Screen and Redeploy.

Searches for equipment are quick and easy with SMART|ENCATS® powerful search algorithms. Screening for equipment requisitions, appropriation plans and purchase requests becomes routine. Duplication of resources is avoided. Balancing the technology portfolio becomes a reality, as investment funds are directed toward new technology and away from wasteful duplication of existing investment.

Bottom Line. Save Time and Money.

As budgets tighten, AM360 offers an innovative way to reduce labor costs, speed up project support, and most importantly reduce duplicative capital expenditures. Please give us a call at (310) 450-2566 or visit our website at

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