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AssetSmart Extends Deltek Applications to Meet Government Regulations

Running on Costpoint?

Extend Your Deltek Application to Meet Government Regulations with AssetSmart

Did you know?

AssetSmart is now a Deltek Partner, providing those organizations who use Costpoint with a supported, integrated solution for meeting the latest government mandates for managing government property, including:

  • Transition from manual reporting to electronic reporting of property records
  • Interface electronically with the IUID Registry instead of providing DD Form 1662
  • Manage property to industry leading practices and voluntary consensus standards
  • Establish a property plan and manage to defined outcomes in 10 specific areas

AssetSmart can help!

AssetSmart is the leading provider of integrated, enterprise-wide asset management software, which addresses all phases of the asset life cycle and handles all categories of equipment and material. Developed using best practices gleaned over generations of asset management application design and implementation, AssetSmart is deployed in 6 of the top 10 government contractors’ organizations, making it one of the most widely used asset management solutions on the market today.

By integrating Deltek with AssetSmart’s asset management information, organizations will:

  • Meet Federal Regulations and Compliance Requirements
    • FAR Parts 45 and 52, FDA 21CFR Part 11, IUID Registry
    • Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 9000/9001 & ISO/IEC/EN 17025
  • Increase visibility and availability of asset information
  • Increase asset utilization and redeployment
  • Standardize Business Processes for Managing Government property