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Federal Government

Organizations within the Federal Government have unique and demanding requirements to provide best value to the taxpayers when acquiring, managing, maintaining and accounting for assets.  Mission-focused objectives require more than just traditional accountability and stewardship of assets – today’s modern government organizations demand their internal asset management programs provide strategic benefits and add value to the services provided back to the taxpayers.   

AssetSmart provides a comprehensive suite of fully-integrated modules for helping Federal government organizations adapt leading industry practices to their own unique mission requirements. Built upon a foundation of fully-integrated business processes and secure and robust system architecture, AssetSmart enables seamless integration with other mission critical financial and management applications, providing a 360° view of every asset’s lifecycle.  From planning and budgeting, to acquisition and utilization, through maintenance and calibration, through redeployment and mission-readiness, to investment recovery and disposal, AssetSmart delivers strategic value while also providing functionality to support compliance with federal mandates and regulations. 

Most AssetSmart products and services are listed on GSA Schedule 70 Contract Number GS-35F-0298V.

Federal Property Brief

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