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CMS II Application Features

Facilitate your organization’s compliance with industry requirements
The system meets or exceeds industry requirements including compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540, ISO 9000/9001, ISO/IEC/EN 17025, and FDA 21CFR Part 11.

Increase operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs
SMART|CMS II includes online interactive electronic completion protocols to enable "paperless" calibration operations, including a full NIST FIPS 186-2 compliant digital signature capability (DSS) using 1024-bit encryption.

Reduce operational costs with integrated data management
The system has built-in support for global operations across multiple plant site facilities and multiple calibration labs. It can also track service activities that are outsourced to third-party vendors such as commercial cal labs, and also can track service work performed by the in-house labs on behalf of outside customers.

Increase visibility across the organization
SMART|CMS II boasts powerful real-time work-in-process tracking function for instruments that are returned to the calibration laboratory for repair and calibration.

AssetSmart grows with your organization
AssetSmart’s open architecture enables seamless integration with complementary modules, such as equipment and material maintenance, tooling or mobility, without significant redesign or consulting from AssetSmart experts. Additionally, AssetSmart has a track record of supporting worldwide implementations, the application is very scalable from mid-size laboratories up to multiple facilities and enterprise deployments. 

Increase efficiency and save money by leveraging AssetSmart’s structured cataloging processes
By normalizing asset descriptors into standardized formats, AssetSmart provides improved data integrity and enables fast, accurate comparisons of like kinds of items for timely replacement and redeployment resulting in capital appropriation reductions of up to 20%.  AssetSmart's patent-pending cataloging process allows one to search for an item by performance specifications.

Rapid, straightforward implementation
AssetSmart designed its software for self-implementation if desired. Our software comes with powerful migration tools, flexible business rule decision tables, utilities for integration with external systems and extensive data validation tables- all of which can be easily implemented by your own staff. Additionally, our software is designed so that implementation can be phased to ensure your most critical needs can be addressed quickly.