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/Repository/Images/Diagrams/ADARRS%20Diagram.jpg SMART| ADARRS™ (Automated Disposition and Reporting) is the successor to the SMART|PCART module offering the asset management professional the most complete disposition solution available for both company and government property. SMART|ADARRS helps organizations effectively manage the disposition process by tracking surplus assets through PCARSS screening as well as the final physical disposition process. This new disposition tracking solution automatically generates information to feed to the governmental PCARSS system for Department of Defense contractors and military customers. SMART|ADARRS also tracks disposition activities for company owned assets and material. Government Contractors who use the SMART|ADARRS system experience the following benefits:

  • Simplifies the process of communicating critical information about government property to the PCARSS system
  • Leads the market in ease-of-use and integrates with other AssetSmart modules and legacy applications
  • Improves visibility across the organization with complete lifecycle asset management of the disposition process
  • Significantly reduces employee time spent on meeting PCARSS requirements by automatically generating all mandatory and optional data directly from AssetSmart tables and/or third party customer databases

Product Brief

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