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Increase Productivity in Your In-House or Commercial Lab with SMART|CMS II

SMART|CMS II (Dynamic Service Management) is an advanced service management platform designed to assist calibration labs and in-house calibration departments in enhancing customer service, improving accuracy, and integrating internal processes. The system supports real-time asset tracking, cataloging, scheduling, email notices, label printing, work-in-process tracking, standard measurement specification templates, detailed cal shipping/receiving and billing functions.

The powerful Work Tracking features integrate service management costs, parts, hours and activities including life-cycle history. Multiple work processes are supported including Field Inspection, NDT, Repair, and PM as well as supporting service requests from customers (internal or external) in real-time with multiple email templates for auto-notifications. Authorized customers are able to track the status of each job in real-time - a huge productivity gain eliminating email and telephone exchanges with laboratory staff. Customers are also able to update their asset status and location in real-time from a web browser or mobile device to facilitate recall and improve visibility.

AssetSmart's unique open architecture supports both MS SQL Server and Oracle platforms and can be hosted or installed locally and tightly integrated with BI tools, ERP, and other mission-critical systems through the use of AssetSmart provided APIs for batch and real-time system to system updates.  

Built on a modern architecture, AssetSmart’s SMART|CMS II Dynamic Service Management helps organizations:

  • Increase visibility and availability of calibration information by integrating all mission critical data into a single data repository -- accessible from any web browser worldwide via the SMART|Web interface or mobile device (mobile PC, tablet, or smartphone) via SMART|AMIIX II
  • Increase accuracy and improve processes by enabling the adoption of best practices in calibration management today
  • Improve customer service and deliver substantial cost savings by speeding up calibration timelines and enhancing workflow processes
  • Empower managers and end-users to make informed decisions about its devices and processes by providing real-time and historical calibration and maintenance information from a single application interface
  • Manage the planning, request and fulfillment steps for new and existing test assets with SMART|RTX
  • Standardize enterprise business processes by moving away from redundant legacy applications and databases
  • Increase organizational efficiency by building structured cataloging processes into place and maintaining accurate records
  • Enable adoption of the latest technologies and requirements such as UID compliance, RFID integration, mobile connectivity and enterprise deployment over the web
  • Ensure compliance with financial and federal contract mandates

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