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Integrate Material Management Processes with SMART|TMAS®

The SMART|TMAS® Materials and Spares Management System is a powerful inventory management system designed to manage materials, spare parts, repair parts, commodities and tools (standard and special) required to support manufacturing, transportation, maintenance repair, calibration and logistics activities. A typcial TMAS workflow might consist of adding a stock item record to receiving and issuing quantities, making reservations and building kits. The system provides real-time tracking of all transactions including receipts, issues, returns, and transfers with extensive audit trail history. True closed-loop tracking ties stock issues to the end-item, location, department, employee or work order.

Applications for SMART|TMAS:

  • Raw materials and components in support of R&D and engineering design/prototyping
  • Spares in support of maintenance, calibration or repair shops
  • Government stores in suport of depot management or logistics supply programs
  • Crib tools and gages in support of manufacturing and quality/test departments
  • Raw materials and components in support of manufacturing

What's the difference between SMART|TMAS and SMART|PEMS?

SMART|TMAS items are tracked in bulk by a user assigned stock number or manufacturer assigned part number.  SMART|PEMS items are tracked individually by a user-assigned control number unique to each asset.

Integrated Asset Management:

The SMART|TMAS system can operate as a free standing module or it can be installed with any combination of the following additional products where additional lifecycle automation is desired: 

  • Property and Equipment Management System - SMART|PEMS
  • Appropriations/Request Tracking - SMART|RTX
  • Mobile Asset Tracking - SMART|AMIIX II
  • Enterprise Catalog System - SMART|ENCATS
  • Dynamic Service Management - SMART|CMS II

Product Brief

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