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The latest version of AssetSmart’s SMART|AUID® (Automated Unique Identification) module enhances your organization’s internal business processes, providing the following benefits:
  • Simplifies the process of managing assets under the Department of Defense’s UID policy
  • Improves organizational efficiencies
  • Leads the market in ease-of-use and integrates with other AssetSmart modules and legacy applications
  • Improves visibility across the organization, because the application can be deployed as a stand-alone application or operate in conjunction with AssetSmart’s suite of asset management applications
  • Increase organizational efficiency via the one-button push for importing asset data into SMART | AUID even from external applications
  • Significantly reduces employee time spent on meeting DOD UID requirements by automatically generating all mandatory and optional data directly from AssetSmart tables and/or third party customer databases


Product Brief

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