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Optimize Your Engineer's Time - Speed up Test Projects

SMART | RTX® is a robust solution for requesting planning, budgeting, authorizing, and order tracking of equipment.  A prime function of the SMART | RTX appropriations/request tracking solution enables engineers to more easily assemble test equipment suites required for new test or manufacturing projects. This module tracks these requests through to fulfillment including future reservations, generating purchase requisitions, or rental requests.  In this mode, RTX is a critical component of the SMART Asset Management Center™ (Test Asset Management) initiative.  Through its seamless integration with both SMART | PEMS (for assets, controlled property and tooling) and with SMART | TMAS (for material, expendables and spare parts), SMART | RTX provides a seamless database solution in contrast to the Excel spreadsheet quagmire or ad-hoc decision-making that so many companies face today.

Key SMART | RTX® features include:

  • Ability to submit equipment requests electronically for new projects
  • Fulfillment request tracking
  • Preparation of capital plans and budgeting
  • Budget versus cost reporting
  • Requisition tracking (including one plan to many line items)
  • Purchase order tracking
  • Automatic receipts against orders into TMAS
  • Acquisition of assets through RTX directly into SMART | PEMS, including purchase order tracking and receipt
  • Lookup and tracking of orders by any combination of over a dozen attributes

With the addition of SMART | RTX to your asset management solution suite, the global AssetSmart product family enables complete life cycle management processes starting with asset planning and culminating in asset disposal and investment recovery.

Product Brief

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