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The AMIIX II Mobile App Can Take Inventory in a Skiff or a SCIF

AssetSmart is pleased to announce that the Android version of AMIIX II is now TAA/SCIF compliant on selected smartphones and tablets. To be SCIF-compliant a device cannot include a camera, microphone, radio, and of course must be disconnected. SMART | AMIIX II meets these requirements because it can run in a completely self-contained mode. Assets to be inventoried may be preloaded and later verified upon reading a barcode or entering an asset number. Even Assets found that are not pre-loaded may be verified and uploaded. If an item is found that is not presently in the asset database, it is flagged for entry as a new item. AMIIX II can read any conventional barcode, 2D label, UID and RFID tag. Upon completion of a SCIF inventory the device is connected to the network through a USB or Ethernet cable, and the results uploaded to AssetSmart for updating.

AMIIX II also operates over the company network or internet, Wi-Fi or cell where a connection is available. In this connected mode, the results may be uploaded in real time. In operating across dead areas where there is no connection, the software automatically switches to the disconnected mode, and when a Wi-Fi signal is detected, the system switches back automatically to connected mode. Inventory sets may be selected by site, location, building and other useful filters. Where a customer has previously collected auto inventory data from “touch type” transactions such as moves, issues, calibration or maintenance, these inventory dates may be excluded if they fall within a selected date span. Where customer attributes are customarily validated in the main app such as site, building, or employee, then those same attributes are table validated in the mobile device.

Don’t Have AssetSmart? No Problem

If your asset tracking software is other than the AssetSuite by AssetSmart, you can still enjoy the benefits of advanced inventory technology. AMIIX II is available to support your inventory needs through an easily installed spreadsheet interface which tracks and updates all common inventory attributes. AssetSmart’s advanced interface tools are available to assist you in keeping your asset records up-to-date.

Windows CE powered devices will no longer be supported by Microsoft after January 14, 2020. If you are planning to upgrade your mobile capability, please call our sales team at 310.450.2566 or email We will be pleased to host an exciting WebEx meeting for you.

Mobile Asset Tracking

AMIIX II supports much more than inventory processes. Almost any Web transaction including searches, updates, moves, checkout, receive, and transfers may be mobile enabled as well as helpdesk requests, calibration or maintenance updates. AMIIX II operates as your mobile desktop and of course is role-model enabled and enforces all security roles.

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