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AssetSmart Announces Three Major Asset Management Awards


AssetSmart Announces Three Major Asset Management Awards

AssetSmart is pleased to announce three new enterprise Asset Management Software awards including another CLOUD hosted installation. These follow on two earlier implementations on Amazon GovCloud and Microsoft® Azure Government Cloud. Unlike cheaper multitenancy SaaS services, AssetSmart supports single-tenant configurations only. Single tenancy provides an independent instance of the software, enhanced security over SaaS configurations and facilitates additional security features on a tenant by tenant basis. The second award is from a Washington Technology Top 10 System Integrator.

AssetSmart also recently won the third enterprise contract from a leading aerospace company in California. This is the third SAP- based custom property system that we are replacing and the sixth custom ERP system including Deltek Costpoint® and IFS. The award includes asset management, material management, and service management functions which includes both calibration and maintenance of high-tech assets. Key success factors in the competitive award were (1) AssetSmart software’s ability to run on SQL Server databases (most IT professionals prefer SQL Server) and the CLOUD; (2) Unique database partitioning architecture which allows securely sharing a single corporate instance across many business units and customer programs; (3) Our AMIIX II Mobile solution which supports both connected and UN-CONNECTED modes on smartphones and tablets, which is a must for operating in SCIF facilities; (4) our integrated CMS II Service Management Module.

Expanded Service Management

In keeping up with customer demand for more turnkey services, AssetSmart has created a new Services Department, and Scott Key has joined AssetSmart as Director of Services. Scott comes with a wealth of experience in professional services, and will oversee customer relations, project management activities, and help desk support. Welcome aboard Scott!

AMIIX II Operates in a SKIFF or a SCIF!

According to recent AssetSmart tests, the Android version of AMIIX II is now TAA/SCIF compatible on selected devices. The advanced architecture supports un-connected operation for inventory processes in sensitive areas as well as conventional smartphones or tablets for inventory functions and mobile asset tracking on Android or Apple iOS. AMIIX II operates as your mobile desktop, enforcing the same security access, partitions, commands and role model definitions as desktop access, to provide you mobile access to your asset data. Please call for recommendations on smartphones and scanners.

Service Management

All customers require an integrated service management function that supports lifecycle maintenance and calibration for technology assets, which is a regulatory and contractual requirement for government contractors. Our CMS II Service Management System is fully integrated with our asset lifecycle tracking functions, and is currently a hot seller as maintenance is not only mandatory, but a major lifecycle headache and cost!



About AssetSmart
Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset management, service management, and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, manufacturing, and government organizations. AssetSmart is owned by PMSC and is based at 26707 Agoura Rd, Suite 201 Calabasas, CA 91302.

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