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AMIIX II The SMARTer Smartphone


AMIIX ® II The SMARTer Smartphone                                                                                                                                          

Over the years, barcode scanning technology has evolved into a plethora of reading technologies and housings – handheld, wand, stationary, and keyboard wedge. A popular configuration – which AMIIX I formerly employed – was the handheld gun operating on the Microsoft® Windows® CE Mobile OS. However the introduction of the Android operating system was a game changer, and today most scanners use either Android or Apple® iOS. Nonetheless, one competitor is still only offering mobile apps based on outdated Windows CE technology. 

Today the smartphone has arrived for asset management as 2.1+ billion smartphones are in active use and 70% of Americans own a smartphone. This consumer-driven technology has spread rapidly into the business world as employees opt to use a single device to more efficiently perform their jobs. Smartphones are more convenient, faster and far cheaper. Ruggedized hand-held gun type scanners can cost over $3,000 dollars, while powerful smartphones are as low as $400 and far more versatile.  

However not all smartphone apps for asset management are created equally and AssetSmart’s AMIIX II mobile software is smarter than other offerings.

  • Apple and Android . AMIIX II supports both Android and Apple iOS based devices. One highly promoted competitor’s product only runs on Android powered devices. Current AssetSmart customers overwhelmingly prefer the Apple iPhone and iPad.
  • Unconnected Mode . Most competing products only work in a connected mode. AMIIX II operates in both a connected and unconnected mode.
  • Integrated . AMIIX II is not only a fully integrated solution for inventorying, but supports other key processes such as searching assets by status, location, department, custodian, employee, nomenclature, model number, standard description, service status, and dozens of other search attributes. The user interface is virtually identical to the desktop screens and of course, AMIIX II reads 1D, 2D, UID barcode labels, and RFID tags.

Mankind does not live by mobility alone. AssetSmart supports a full house of government compliant asset and material management apps in addition to service management, calibration and the SMART Catalog.  The advanced SMART Web architecture is unique in allowing each customer to choose only those functional modules that meet its requirements instead of clumsy “one size fits all” monolithic structures.


For a free demo of AMIX II please contact Hilary Wisen, Marketing Manager, at 310.450.2566 or via email at

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About AssetSmart

Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset, test equipment, and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, and government organizations. Assetsmart is offered by PMS Systems Corporation (CAGE Code 7M804, Veteran-owned Small Business) under GSA Schedule 70 Contract GS-35F-0298V. Assetsmart's headquarters located at 26707 Agoura Road, Suite 201 Calabasas, CA 91302, United States. For more information about assetsmart, please visit:

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