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AssetSmart Installs Another Large Enterprise System

Calabasas, California (March 30, 2016) – AssetSmart®, the global leader in asset management technology, today announced delivery of an enterprise asset management software suite to a top 100 Space Contractor. “We are proud to leverage our 30 plus year foundation of asset management experience to automate and streamline asset management operations for another mission critical company.  An integrated enterprise solution breaks down expensive IT silos and makes good business sense,” said Christopher J. Campbell, President and CEO of AssetSmart.

The installation will support over twenty business sites spread across the CONUS. AssetSmart is now offering the 5th generation of the SMART|AMIIX mobile asset tracking module. The SMART|AMIIX software is not restricted to just inventory processes, but also handles moves, issues, receipts, transfers, returns, check-in and check-out. SMART|AMIIX supports both Oracle and SQL Server platforms as well as all mobile hardware supporting Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher. The software is designed to be flexible and hardware agnostic allowing the customer a wide range of scanner device options.

The SMART|AUID module will be used to automate the capture and upload item and event data to the Department of Defense Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry per DFARS 252.211-7007.  AssetSmart’s COTS UID solution is compliant with Flat File Specification v.6.1, Schema v.5.1.1.  The SMART|AUID module seamlessly integrates with the SMART|PEMS property and TMAS material management modules.

About AssetSmart

Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( ) provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset, test equipment, and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, and government organizations. AssetSmart is owned by PMSC and based at 26707 Agoura Road, Suite 201 Calabasas, CA 91302, United States.  For more information about AssetSmart, please visit: