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Automate Move Order and Shipping Processes with SMART|PMO

SMART | PMO is a powerful software module designed to facilitate and track internal move orders and external shipments of both uniquely identified items and quantities of material or components or miscellaneous line items such as pallets of scrap, furniture or other items not normally tracked in the asset system.  The PMO Property Move Order and Shipping module can also track the logistical details as property moves to and from subcontractor locations, and also supports the automated generation of packing lists, shipper documents and DD1149 forms. 

Upon completion of a move-order, all affected asset records are automatically updated to reflect their new locations. Additionally, these location changes are reflected in the life-cycle audit trail history entries.

SMART | PMO enables powerful online searches:

• Move Order Status
• Status date from/to
• Planned date from/to
• Contact code/name from/to
• Backlog by unique order number

SMART|PMO is a fully functional standalone module but is typically integrated seamlessly with other AssetSmart modules such as SMART|PEMS and/or SMART|TMAS.

Product Brief

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