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Connect Your Enterprise with ASSET MANAGEMENT (AM) 360

AssetSmart by PMSC offers AM360, a true asset management solution elevating asset management to a whole new class of enterprise visibility. Is your corporation or government entity looking for a single solution to connect the entire enterprise? AM360 is the answer. We are aware that there are many desktop Asset Tracking, IT, Calibration, Inventory products in the marketplace, but typically these solutions address only the needs of a specific department or business unit, which become information silos all speaking a different language.

Asset Management 360 allows the nomenclature to be standardized through our SMART Catalog system allowing users to speak the same language which results in higher asset utilization and elevates your asset management to strategic resource management. AM360 dynamically connects daily physical processes supporting engineering, R&D, office, manufacturing and field operations to each other as well as to back office ERP systems. AM360 is the critical link and accountability connection between the user community and the financial records of ERP/Financial Systems.

With full asset accountability, Corporate Clients, Federal Agencies, and Government Contractors can now optimize equipment investment and streamline life-cycle processes. Visbility within the enterprise allows decision makers to optimize their assets resulting in cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with an automated audit trail. AM360 is a seamless commercial off the shelf (COTS) asset tracking and reporting system currently in production at 8 of the top 10 IT Federal contractors.  

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