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SMART|AMIIX II®_ Mobile is Not Just for Inventory Anymore!

SMART | AMIIX II   mobile asset tracking smartphone module provides customers with a completely integrated one-stop data collection solution for their life cycle mobile asset tracking and inventory needs. AssetSmart's next-generation mobile application empowers users to execute virtually any asset transaction, inquiry or report anywhere, on any device (PC, smartphone or tablet) in real-time. You can not only inventory your assets with a state-of-the-art mobile solution, but enter and track moves, transfers, check-outs, check-ins as well as status changes with the same device. AssetSmart's mobile app handles identified equipment and tooling, and material. 

SMART | AMIIX II supports any device running Apple iOS or Google Android. Use your existing hardware or we will provide guidance based on planned usage which impacts device type, form factors, ruggedness, speed, keypads, security, memory, screen size/resolution, battery life, imager, camera, RFID, etc…  

Fully compatible with Oracle® and SQL Server® databases, AssetSmart can be tightly integrated with ERP and other mission-critical systems through the use of our APIs for batch and real-time system to system updates.

With SMART | AMIIX II, organizations can extend this powerful technology into the field creating many new efficiencies and cost savings in updating records, inventories, service and work order tracking as well as having real-time access to all life-cycle history.                      

SMART|AMIIX II®  features include:

  • IUID scanning
  • Complete mobile asset tracking (connected or disconnected modes).
  • Improved data integrity across the asset life-cycle, eliminating errors and duplicates and ensuring accurate reporting, maximized asset utilization across the enterprise
  • Improved speed and access to real-time, accurate management information
  • Limited IT Support needed to configure and deploy; full self-service operation
  • RFID support options


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